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"Cold" Display Advertising

Using Digital Advertising in Online Retail

Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Banner ads on Google's Display Network, Promoted Posts on Facebook, Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn, Video ads on YouTube are all examples of "cold" display advertising. It is a way of showing banner adverts online to users who we believe will be interested in your products. If used strategically, digital display advertising can force your adverts in front of the correct target market for your products which will not only build awareness/branding but it will also help to drive product sales and inevitably, profits.

Our experts can advise you on the benefits of Digital Display Advertising specific to the UK

Our online retail consultants have experience in a variety of campaigns where they have successfully used digital display advertising to great success. They will set up relevant digital display campaigns in conjunction with you and manage them closely to ensure the return on investment is positive and in line with the goals of the campaign. Basically, they will ensure that any digital display advertising that is running is making money, not losing it.

Cold Display Advertising Example
Highlighted in blue on this screenshot from Facebook is a promoted post. He is seeing this as the company running the promoted post has targeted users who are interested in business. In red, Amazon is remarketing an item that he previously viewed on their site.

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