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Facebook PPC

Facebook Direct Response Advertising

Facebook as a viable advertising platform has gained significant steps in recent years as they continue to roll out updates to their advertising tools interface. Savvy marketers should buy into this as it provides a great way of getting products and services shown to an interested audience. Facebook targeting is perhaps one of the best of all the social media ad platforms as it allows you to get really tight on your specific audience. In an online world populated with so many adverts, it is important to get as targeted an audience as possible and Facebook direct response advertising is fantastic for this. With Facebook advertising you have the option of having your ads appear on the right hand side of the user's FB page but also directly into their news-feed. The news-feed in particular is one of the most visible parts of ad' options available on the Internet.

Facebook Advertising Benefits:

Adverts appear to your target market:

Facebook acquires valuable information about its users through what individuals volunteer as part of their profiles as well as how they interact and engage with content that appears on the social network. Demographic targeting is really accurate because they have so much user data and this means your adverts will only appear to those who make up your target market e.g. men in Birmingham with an interest in cars and who are between the age of 25 and 35.

Pay per click basis:

With Facebook advertising, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Lower CPC:

The cost per click is lower for Facebook advertising than for the likes of advertising on Google. This is because fewer companies use Facebook advertising in comparison to the number that advertises on Google.

In blue is a suggested post which shows in a Facebook user's news feed. In red is a regular advert showing on right hand side of the interface.
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