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Google Display Network PPC Advertising

Advertising on the Google Display Network

If a website has a high volume of traffic, they can monetise it by selling advertising space on their site for this purpose. It then gives Google permission to show ads in these vacant spaces. Advertisers can get their adverts to appear in these spaces by using Google's Advertising tool which is called AdWords and using the GDN (Google Display Network option). The advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their advert. The advertiser is then charged a cost per click while the publisher sites (the website where the ad is appearing) and Google divide the revenue.

Where exactly will my adverts appear?

The vast majority of websites that sell advertising use Google AdSense. Opposite is a sample of the U.K. sites using the network.

Examples of high profile domains that sell advertising on Google AdSense.

Different targeting options are open to advertisers so they can select the types of sites and apps on which their adverts will appear. A very granular approach can be one option (shown below) by choosing the exact websites where they want their adverts shown. The alternative is to use one of Google's other targeting options such as keyword targeting for example on pages that have the words "internet marketing".

Advertisers can decide which websites and app's on which they want to have their ads show on.

Below are examples of our ads across the GDN

Our advert appearing on gumtree.co.uk
Our ad showing on telegraph.co.uk
Our ad showing in search results on youtube
Our ad appearing on autotrader.co.uk
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