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Google AdWords PPC Consultants

We Will Assign a Qualified Google AdWords PPC Consultant To Your Campaign.

Google PPC At DPFOC, all our AdWords executives are fully Google AdWords Certified Individuals and are Google AdWords specialists as a result of their training and campaign experience. They have high level knowledge of the AdWords interface both online and offline operating the Editor. Our PPC consultants have wide ranging experience of managing varied campaigns from small to large, with extensive experience in complex multi-geography / stakeholder / currency campaigns. We have a dedicated account manager in Google because we manage a high volume of AdWords spend each month. Our PPC Conultants work with this person to ensure that our clients and their campaigns receive top AdWords management service. Our AdWords consultancy is made up of the following:

Keyword Analysis:

This ensures that your campaign's PPC Consultant fully understands your business and knows what keywords and phrases are relevant to your target market ie what people are searching for.

Account Creation:

We focus on ensuring that our Google AdWords PPC Conultants maintain campaigns that are well-managed, tidy and relevant. If required, we will set up multiple campaigns with both differing budgets and geo-targeting. All ad campaigns will have logically themed ad-groups along with relevant target pages.

Adding negative key-phrases:

The DPFOC PPC Consultant assigned to your campaign will review the issue of negative key-phrases regularly to ensure that your ads appear only for those searches that are related to your business. This will help to ensure that we are not wasting any campaign spend.

Adding new key-phrases:

We will actively check the "opportunities" section of your ad campaign account to ensure that all opportunities are identified. If required, your PPC Consultant can then add more key-phrases that will in turn bring about more relevant clicks.

Managing match types:

Using modified broad match types in a campaign is advisable in our experience as it is not totally restrictive and allows for some movement while still ensuring that site traffic remains targeted and relevant. We will isolate the most appropriate and relevant match type to maximise clicks while also focusing on reducing the Cost Per Click (CPC).

Sweating the budget by paying as low as possible for clicks:

We are focused on setting up and managing well-structured campaigns which will help to ensure high quality scores. Also, your PPC Consultant will bid on long tail phrases (if it is possible) to reduce what you pay per click thereby driving Return On Investment (ROI) positively.

Testing ad's texts:

If you have achieved a good average position, you have a good impression volume but ad clicks are low, we will know when to experiment with varying ad texts to try to increase the click through rate (CTR).

Supervision of quality scores:

Quality scores should always be monitored to ensure that they don't drop. High quality scores mean you don't pay over budget for clicks.

Creating landing pages:

If required, your Google AdWords PPC Consultant will set up a separate landing page for an ad-group. We will create keyword rich content and copy also which will assist quality scores.

Link AdWords to Analytics:

You will always have full visibility for your paid campaigns as we will ensure to link you AdWords to your Analytics account.

Implement tracking methods:

We will implement telephone, query form and e-commerce tracking and use this data to inform bidding at the keyword level. Basically, by tracking the lead source and sale irrespective of how it happens (query form, telephone call etc.), we will be able to understand what keywords are working for the campaign and which ones are not.

Implement cost per acquisition bidding:

We know that some of your products and/or services are more valuable than others. Therefore when it is relevant, we will implement cost per acquisition bidding to ensure that your CPA makes sense for the particular product or service being promoted.

Utilise effective Re-marketing for your campaign:

For more on remarketing, see this page of our site.

Set up Product Listing Ads & work on Google Shopping:

See our section on "Product Listing Ad's and Google Shopping" for more on this.

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