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Google Shopping/PLA's

Sell on Google Shopping with DPFOC Specialists

Ensuring that you have your product inventory on Google Shopping and on Google Shopping Ads is an essential element to successful online retail. Having the ability to appear in the search results on Google can be extremely powerful in getting your products seen to potential customers. These types of ads differ from other regular text ads because the product price AND the product image is shown in the ad. Selling on Google shopping tends to equal more favourable conversion rates when compared to text adverts as the person browsing can look at both the product and the price before they click on the ad.

We have wide ranging experience of Google Shopping campaigns

Getting your online retail strategy right needs help from experts. We at DPFOC can call ourselves experts because we have researched the whole area of online retail and E-Commerce in great detail and we continue to do so. Furthermore, our staff has direct experience of dealing with many online campaigns to great success and has used Google Shopping to great effect. We understand Google Shopping and we know that it presents an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your products. To attempt this yourself could be daunting and time consuming so it is best to get the assistance of our retail consultants. The Account Manager assigned to your campaign will explain the whole process of how to sell on Google Shopping and will set up a well maintained campaign.

Showcase products online with Google Shopping Ads
Example of Google Shopping Ads shown in the SERP.
Google Shopping Ads search results
Results in the SERP for "Mens Watches"

Contact us to understand how selling on Google can help you broaden the market base for your products. Speak to one of our online retail specialists for more!

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