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Hotel Marketing Strategies

Define your Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy with our Help

The aim of our hotel marketing strategy is to grow your occupancy levels while at the same time reduce your cost per acquisition. We can achieve this because we have studied the area of hotel marketing in-depth and have experience of working with other hotels to great success.

What We Do:
Audit Your Website:

It's absolutely necessary that your website is world class. This will encourage more direct bookings and promote a good image for your hotel. You will experience heightened bounce rates if you have a poor website. We will audit your site in terms of conversion rate optimisation to ensure your website converts as many bookings as possible.

Direct Inventory to the Meta Search Engines eg Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, Kayak and Trip Advisor:

Meta Search Engines contrast with OTAs in that they charge for sending traffic to your site even if it doesn't result in a booking. This is a cost per click model. OTAs charge hotels a percentage of the value of orders delivered. Even with this knowledge, many hotels continue to use OTAs who in turn buy their traffic on meta search engines on a cost per click basis, secure the booking and then charge the hotel a percentage of the booking value! Hotels that understand this system well direct their inventory straight to the meta search engines which removes the OTA's expensive commissions.

See below in this image where Booking.com and Expedia are purchasing booking traffic for the Four Seasons New York via Google Hotels:
Hotel Marketing approach using Meta Search Engines
See below where The New York Palace hotel directs its inventory straight to Google Hotel Finder and as a result they avoid OTA commissions.
Hotel Marketing using Meta Search Engines
Direct Inventory to OTAs and GDSs:

Our system directs your room inventory to over 150 distributors and in excess of 650,000 travel agents. Your inventory is always correct in all locations because our Channel Manager links smoothly to your PMS.

Incorporate Effective SEO to Drive Organic Traffic:

Achieving organic traffic is one way to fight OTAs as it's an area that they cannot achieve better than you. As the OTAs don't physically own a hotel, they cannot appear in Google+ Local listings. These listings can appear prominently in search results and so raise a good opportunity for a hotel to gain extra exposure. As part of our hotel marketing strategies, we fully optimise your listing. Good placing in organic search results equals the possibility of more direct bookings.

Hotel marketing with Highly Effective SEO Approach
Use Remarketing to Chase Previous Traffic:

As part of our hotel marketing strategy, we set up remarketing on Facebook, Google's Display Network and Twitter. This helps to win back as much of the non converting traffic as possible.

Getting the Most from Your Marketing Budget:

We always monitor budgets and campaigns to ensure that those that are working are scaled up and those that are not performing are reviewed to discover why. This ensures that any channel that isn't performing is removed from the equation, thereby reducing budget waste.

To speak with one of our hotel marketing experts and discuss the ideal strategy for your hotel, call us today!

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