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Getting Your Website Right

Why You Need Top Class Hotel Website Design

A great website is vital in any industry but none more so than in the hotel world. A world class website can literally mean the difference between a reservation or a user bouncing from the site. Great websites build credibility and with every percentage point increase in conversion rates, the lower your cost per reservation will be.

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Optimised:

It's a fact that hotel websites receive most of their traffic from sources other than desktop. Therefore a hotel website simply must be responsive. Not having a website that is mobile, tablet, or desktop optimised just isn't feasible any longer as responsive is what your potential customers will expect. As part of our hotel website design policies, we make your website better in that it will be optimised for all devices, thus making booking simple.

Make your website better with use of 360 Degree room tours:

Quality images help to increase bookings. People thinking of booking a room in your hotel likes to know what you have to offer so including really nice, high quality images of all areas of the hotel will help to satisfy their appetite for knowledge of the space. 360 degree virtual tours which allow potential guests to 'walk around' the hotel room are another proven way to encourage higher conversion rates.

Hotel Website Design with use of 360 Degree tours

360 degree tours are excellent as they can be integrated easily with Google Search, Google Maps, Google Hotel Finder and Google+. When a user clicks the "see inside" button they are brought 'on' the 360 degree tour.

Integrate 360 degree tour with Google Search
Make Booking Easy:

It's important to make your website's booking engine intuitive and easy to use for potential guests on all devices. Older booking engines have a tendency to be cumbersome and not user friendly and this can cost in the form of losing valuable conversions.

Use Social Channels:

Encourage current and potential guests to follow you if your hotel is active on social media. Do this by adding your social profile icons to your hotel website design and focus on creating a strong, friendly and consistent voice across the social channels.

Introduce Your Team!

The best hotels focus on having the best teams. Consider including an "about us page" page to your hotel website design where you can display your team and their profiles. Any awards/award nominations could also be incorporated into the hotel web design. Below shows The Montague Hotel in London and their team photograph for their "about us" page.

Hotel Website Design for Meet the team page
Make Positive Reviews Visible:

It is likely that your hotel will have many positive reviews from OTA websites. Promote these prominently as part of your hotel's web design. Positive reviews are a great way to encourage other people to book your hotel.

Keep an Updated Blog:

A regularly updated blog always adds credibility. Add content related to your hotel and its area. Photos from recent events and awards, new employee announcements and general news from your hotel and the area that it is situated in should all be published to your blog.

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