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LinkedIn is a social network used by a more professional, business oriented demographic. People use it to network, to look for jobs, to learn more about their niche, to follow companies that interest them etc. LinkedIn gains rich data from its users via their profile details therefore targeting can be very precise and thus effective eg "people at director level in xyz company" may be useful if trying to target a particular company. Advertisers on LinkedIn can have their ads shown at the top and right hand side of the page as shown below in red.

Why Advertise on LinkedIn in the UK?

• It provides excellent targeting unlike some of the other social network advertising platforms.
• It is very business oriented so less time wasters.
• You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. It should be noted though that the minimum £2 per click policy means that the channel is unsuited to companies with low average sale values.
• Help to build a targeted and relevant following for your company.

Get directly into a LinkedIn user's newsfeed with a sponsored post.
Example of targeting that is available on the LinkedIn Ad platform. This type of targeting is only possible on LinkedIn.

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