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Tracking / Active
Budget Management
  • Learn Exactly the Cost Per Acquisition & Profit from Each Channel & Keyword
  • Eliminate Waste by Making Analytics Based Marketing Decisions
  • Increase Spend on Well Performing Channels and Keywords

Tracking / Active Budget Management

Tracking or Active Budget Management (ABM) is about pinpointing the source of every lead and sale that your business generates. Once you have the data that shows what channels (Google search, Bing/Yahoo search, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) and keywords are delivering strong Return on Investment (ROI), you can increase your budget on these areas confidently while reducing or even cutting the budget on those channels and keywords that you find are not making the returns you expect.

We assess your keyword data as indicated above to ensure that successful keywords get increased spend and unsuccessful ones are monitored in order to reduce waste.

Active Budget Management - The Process

Set Up Campaign Tracking:

The strategist assigned to your campaign will set up telephone, query form and, for those sites that sell online, ecommerce tracking. Once this is set up, it means that each time a query form is submitted online, your telephone rings or a purchase is made on your website, and we can tell precisely how this user located your business. We will not only know the last place the user clicked on before arriving on your website and converting but also 'the journey' involved eg Google PPC after a remarketing advert.

Receive info such as cost per lead & conversion rates for every bidded keyword.
Manage & Monitor Your Online Marketing Budget:

The strategist assigned to your campaign will gather the necessary information in order to see clearly what channels and keywords are actually making you money. Specifically we will isolate those channels and keywords that are causing the phone to ring, query forms to be submitted or products to be bought and in turn direct an increased budget into these areas and less money into areas that are not as profitable. Additionally if a particular part of the campaign spend is bringing about strong returns, we will alert you to increase your spend in that area to help to increase your returns; by assigning more budget to effective channels and keywords and cutting waste, your return on investment is the central focus.

Perform Conversion Rate Optimisation Tests:

Rather than giving up on channels or keywords that are not showing favourable returns, we will liaise with you to make website improvements to help increase your conversion rates. A positive increase in conversion rates can make previously non-performing traffic highly profitable traffic.

We identify where your site is losing visitors & we work to improve conversion rates & lower drop off rates thereby increasing the value of your existing traffic.
How Do We Report:

While analytics such as "total new followers" "links built" "costs per click" "likes" etc are important, the main focus of our tracking / active budget management (ABM) service is financial ie how much profit and revenue are we building for your company. Our tracking / Active Budget Management reports offer full transparency of how we are operating your online marketing budget. From this you can see very clearly what is working and the areas that spend is being wasted.

Know at a glance what your best performing channels are.
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