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Remarketing Explained

Sometimes people will travel onto your website and for whatever reason may leave without fulfilling the action that you want them to. It's important to try to still convert these visitors even though they bounced from your site. This is where Remarketing (also known as 'retargeting') comes in and from our experience, we find it to be an effective online marketing tool due to its low cost per acquisition.

Where Can You Use Remarketing?

+Google Display Network (GDN) Remarketing:

Website owners can monetise their website by signing up to Google AdSense. In effect they sell space on their site which can be used by advertisers who utilise the GDN option to show their ads there. This also allows for a remarketing campaign to be set up to target those people who have previously been on your website. This retargeting option on the GDN means that you can get banner ads displaying your business onto some of the UK's top websites. Check out the below for some examples of this for DPFOC on UK sites.

Some of our animated re-marketing banners
Our Remarketing Banner Adverts Appearing on Forbes.com
+Facebook Remarketing:

So many people use Facebook on a regular basis so it provides a great opportunity in terms of remarketing. See below screenshots for more details.

Our ad on Facebook appearing to someone who has previously browsed our site.
DPFOC's Facebook re-marekting advert re-engaging past visitors to our website while they browse Facebook.
+Youtube Remarketing:

Get the most from any promo videos that you may have by using them as part of a targeted remarketing campaign. There are a few options for this (a) In Stream: Here we can set up a campaign where your videos will appear before the video that the YouTube user is about to watch, (b) In Slate: Your video ad will appear at the right hand side of the Youtube page as they watch other videos or (c) In Search: Whereby your video appears as a promoted video at the top of Youtube search results. Examples below.

Our advert showing "in slate".
Example of Remarketing on YouTube to a user who was previously on DPFOC's site.
+Twitter Remarketing:

Twitter advertising is fully rolled out in the UK and it allows you to remarket directly into the timeline of a Twitter user who has previously been on your site. This is a great way to try to re-engage them and with the use of Twitter cards, you can really make your promoted tweet stand out amongst the rest.

Above is an example of remarketing into the Twitter timeline. Also note use of a Twitter card with the 'Read More' box.
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