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Looking for Retail Marketing Consultants? We are the Experts!

Growing your online business can be tough as it is such a competitive space. To survive and compete successfully, you need the help of skilled online retail marketers and we can provide this. Our retail consultants will manage your campaign and cover the following important areas in order to drive the profitability of your business.

Website Development & Design:

To survive in the ever competitive world of online retail, a world class website is vital. We design sleek websites that will help you to increase your conversions. Good design equals credibility with potential customers so it is an area that is fundamental for success.

Feed Generation & Optimisation:

Our retail marketing consultants work with you to ensure your live inventory feeds are synced with the main online channels. We then optimise these to make sure your products get top exposure.

Amazon & eBay Account Set Up & Optimisation:

Amazon and eBay can be used to quicky grow large sales volume. We will list your product inventory on these websites, ensuring that inventory stock levels are kept accurate. We will use organic and paid methods to assist sales. On Amazon and eBay especially, intelligent pricing is required in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Our retail experts have the experience and knowledge to set up your pricing rules to encourage positive sales and profit.

Amazon & eBay Retail Marketing Consultants
Above screenshot shows an online retailer achieving 1026% growth when they introduced repricing software on Amazon and eBay.
Google Shopping Set Up & Optimisation:

Ensuring that your products are listed on Google Shopping is a great way to grow your sales volumes. Google Shopping Ads are also a fantastic tool that we suggest using for online retail. Unlike regular search adverts, Google Shopping Ads display both an image and the price of a product so users who choose to click on these ads have distinct knowledge before they click the ad. This tends to result in higher conversion rates and in turn higher return on investment (ROI).

Google Shopping Set Up for Retail Marketing
Highlighted in red above indicates example of a Google Shopping Ad gaining valuable space on a search engine results page.
Dynamic Product Remarketing:

Convert previously non converting site by remarketing to them on highly trafficed and popular sites around the Internet including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is also possible to implement across the huge network of websites on the Google Display Network.

Dynamic Product Remarketing using Facebook
Highlighted in red is an advert on Facebook showing a pair of boots that a user had previously viewed on Amazon.
Search Engine Optimisation:

Our retail experts have over a decade of experience in achieving excellent results for a vast array of clients' search engine optimisation campaigns. Achieving a good ranking on the search engine results page can mean a huge increase in business and it is without the cost per click associated with paid search.

SEO Growth using Retail Marketing
Positive organic rank movements causing organic revenue to increase over 100% year on year or an additional €137k.
Analytics, Strategy & Budget Management:

Online retail campaigns are complex and so they need to be carefully managed by experienced retail marketing consultants to ensure that they are generating profits. They will ensure that any channels that are performing well for your campaign will get more budget and those that are under-performing or losing money are investigated to halt them or find out why they aren't working. Our strategists are trained on all models of attribution so that they have the skills to implement profit driving actions based on data they derive from the different campaigns.

Analytics, Strategy & Budget Management in Retail Marketing
Attribution models are used to analyse the sources of revenue (or loss).
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