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Selling on Amazon

It is estimated that Amazon attracts in excess of 150 million customers to its site per week. While this obviously presents online retailers with fantastic opportunities to increase their sales, competition is intensely fierce between different retailers from all over the world as they vie for buyers. Therefore, a sophisticated approach that includes close monitoring must be taken in order to be successful on the platform. Our team of online retail consultants have worked on many Amazon campaigns and so can assist you comprehensively for your business.

How We Will Manage Your Campaign:
1. We create an Amazon Pro Merchant Account.
2. We set up the Inventory Feed & upload your products to Amazon.
3. We will optimise your product feed to gain maximum organic visibility for your products.

By including keyword rich titles, descriptions, bullet points and more we can increase the visibility of your products and drive your Amazon sales.

4. Help to win the maximum number of buy-boxes for your inventory.

Factors such as price, seller rating, and the fulfilment method are all considered by Amazon in deciding who occupies the buy box for a given product.

Amazon gives many options to retailers
5. Improve your Amazon seller rating using our advice.

Dispatching orders promptly, providing delivery tracking and responding to queries and complaints in a timely manner are all elements to boosting your seller rating. This helps to achieve Amazon’s wish to give customers an excellent user experience. If you consistently aim for this and get good reviews, you build your seller rating and in turn win more buy boxes.

It is vital to build your seller rating on Amazon as it is key to your success on the channel. High review sellers get more visibility and in turn increased sales from Amazon.
6. Set-up & monitor pay per click Amazon adverts to gain increased product traffic.

The sponsored products section of Amazon allows more exposure for your products which of course can assist sales positively. As these adverts are cost per click they require close monitoring to ensure that they stay profitable.

Example of Promoted Products on an Amazon page.
Report displays Promoted Product Campaigns achieving good ROI
7. Set-up & manage automated re-pricing:

Being successful on Amazon means being extremely price aware. If customers find your products from another supplier on Amazon at a cheaper price, inevitably they will choose them over you. We will set up automated re-pricing to help fight this. This ensures that your prices always beat your competitors but at the same time, it has the capability to never go below pre-agreed pricing minimums. The system will also reprice your products upwards if necessary. An example of this would be if a competitor stops selling a particular product or if it goes out of stock. This can help to expand margins as you are take advantage in real time of price increase opportunities.

Our client's products do not go below the "Lowest Price" value.
Repricing software dynamically increasing and lowering prices in real time to ensure the maximum number of buy boxes are achieved on Amazon.
8. Assist with set-up of fulfilment and in particular, "Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)."

With "Fulfilment by Amazon" (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfilment centres, and they pick, pack, dispatch, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help to scale your business and reach more customers as well as saving you time and money. It can also help to increase your chances of winning more buy boxes. We will assist in setting up and managing FBA for your company.

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