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E-Commerce sites are SEO 'friendly' because they tend to have a large volume of category and product pages, all of which have the ability to rank in the search engine result pages. Products tend to be grouped into category pages eg an office supplies company website will have a category for shredders which can be set up to rank for keywords like "office shredder" "office shredding products" etc. Also, every product on a website has its own dedicated product page. These pages also have the ability to rank in search engines. Well optimised (in terms of SEO) retail product websites can attract high volumes of targeted traffic to the home, category and product pages. Making sure that your on site retail SEO attributes are well optimised is a worthwhile task for online retailers as organic traffic has no incremental cost per click. Solely relying on paid campaigns will ensure that you use large volumes of your budget at times without the return that you want. That is why getting your on-site retail SEO (organic search) is so important.

On-site retail SEO improvements graph
Above: Revenue for this company has grown from less than €1500/day to almost €5000 per day over a 6 month period by focusing on organic ranks (SEO for Retail).

The team at DPFOC UK can successfully optimise your retail website for SEO. Why not call us today to speak with one of our SEO experts to learn more about our well defined strategies.

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