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Social Media Overview
  • Develop a Community on Social Media
  • Encourage Sales & Leads
  • Manage Your Company's Online Public Relations
  • Useful for Customer Service

Social Media Marketing

The advent of social media has brought with it many benefits for businesses and it is important that the social networks are used well as part of a well defined and thought out marketing strategy. Social media is useful but it is impossible to build a community there unless you dedicate time to nurture the target audience you want, who can easily convert into actual leads and sales. We work with our clients to set up and maintain their accounts on some or all of the major social media sites. We do however; make sure to assess their suitability for a specific social network as not all industries will make any impact on some social networks.

Benefits of a Strong Social Presence:
Increased Leads & Sales:

If managed well, a social profile has the ability to contribute leads to a business. Strong engagement is required for this however and an ad-hoc approach just won't work. Also, followers and people who like your page won't appreciate constant bombardment of sales literature and wording so ensure to intersperse with interesting BUT relevant material that follows the ethos and theme of your company.

Reputation Management:

You can closely manage your company's reputation using social profiles. A bad situation can even be turned into a good one if the account is well managed. People following your account expect prompt action and with social media, you can do this very easily. Having a presence also serves to reassue customers (potential and existing) that your company is trustworthy so this is all good in the long run.

As above, we engage with other accounts on Twitter as part of our community building efforts.
Enhanced Customer Service:

Many people revert to social media when they have a query or a complaint. It's therefore important that the account is well monitored. We can provide this important service for you as part of your social media marketing campaign. Happy customers will stay with you, unhappy customers will tell all their friends plus whoever will listen on their social media accounts!

Example of a company using Twitter for customer service purposes.
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