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Twitter PPC

Twitter Advertising

In recent years, Twitter has been rolling out its collection of advertising services and solutions. Initially, they only offered this service to specific businesses in certain territories. However, it is now available to businesses of all sizes and as a result it represents a great new opportunity to reach targets.

Advertising on Twitter - Two Solutions Offered:

Promoted Tweets:

Seen as a method of direct response advertising, this particular Twitter advertising solution allows advertisers to have one of their tweets show in the newsfeed of Twitter users within a specific demographic as targeted by the advertiser (see below in blue). This is a great opportunity for advertisers to reach their target market thus helping to drive more sales and leads as an individual's Twitter news-feed is one the most high profile items of advertising inventory on offer on the Internet.

Promoted Accounts:

Promoted Accounts are a great way to expand or build your follower base. They let you quickly be seen and followed by influencers and advocates of your brand. They are shown in the Twitter section of "Who To Follow" (see below in red). The "Who To Follow" section is Twitter's recommendation engine that identifies accounts similar to the user, and helps followers discover new businesses, people and content. With a Promoted Account, you will show up in users "Who To Follow" list who have been identified as having most similar interests to your company. These campaigns can also be geo-targeted by country.

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