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We have had a busy few weeks here; check out our new updates below!

DPFOC Content Published on Discover Northern Ireland Website


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As you know, we’re constantly trying to evolve the quality and range of content that we are producing for ourselves and for our clients. With pretty much every company now engaging in some form of content marketing, being heard and getting traction with publishers is an increasing challenge. Recently, we have started to generate interactive timelines and have seen a great response from publishers. For example, in anticipation of the upcoming Irish Open, we created a timeline charting the history of this iconic event on the golfing calendar. We were delighted to have this published by the Discover Northern Ireland website and you can see it here. This again shows that publishers will publish high quality content if given to them in the right way at the right time.

We Need Your Help – Would Your Company use LinkedIn InMail?


LinkedIn logo

We have been experimenting with LinkedIn InMails lately. Basically, an InMail is a paid solution that allows you to send an email (InMail) directly to the inbox of people who you want to reach on LinkedIn. For example, a product based company may wish to specifically target buyers to try to get them to list their product(s). InMails are more frequently used in the recruitment industry for head hunting. They are quite expensive to send and the amount that you can send each month is limited so it really is only for companies who want to reach specific individuals. So we were wondering would any of our clients have any use for InMails? If so, let us know and we can get them set up for you.

Back to Basics with Video Content:


YouTube video screenshot

We were delighted to receive such a positive response from our clients when we asked them if they had any video content with which we could do some outreach. However, many went on to send us through video adverts! Remember, when doing outreach, you have to add value to the publisher’s site. You must give them something their readers will love. Reaching out with an advert is not going to work! Our informative (not promotional!!) video on how to prepare for the April 21st algorithm update has been widely published with the latest link from this PR 5 site. So, remember if you want it to be published, you MUST ADD VALUE.

Twitter Remarketing


Remarketing can be very powerful

Most of our clients are remarketing on Google’s Display network, a lesser amount are doing so on Facebook and almost none are remarketing on Twitter. Don’t miss out on Twitter retargeting as you want to remain as visible as possible to your target market throughout their sales cycle and Twitter offers a great way to do just that. Contact us to discuss further.