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Welcome to the SEO Services Section of Our Website

Ranking highly on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the keywords that matter to your organisation is undoubtedly the most effective form of customer acquisition. As pay per click advertising becomes ever more expensive, having strong organic ranks is a key part of succeeding with your online strategy.

However, finding an SEO company that can deliver results is notoriously difficult. The SEO industry is totally unregulated meaning that any individual or company is free to offer SEO services regardless of their level of expertize. This has lead to the current situation whereby the industry has for many people become totally discredited with so many low cost / low quality SEO companies selling SEO services that simply don't work. On this page, we want to put forward some of the things that we believe make us different to most SEO service providers.
Our History:
We've been providing professional SEO services for almost a decade now and we're in it for the long haul. We know that for our company to survive and grow we must drive our clients' profitability - this is why we named our company DPFOC. During the time that we have been in business, we have delivered and continue to deliver results for companies large and small. So if you are looking for a professional SEO company with a track record of success, then DPFOC fits the bill.
R & D Investment:
The SEO industry changes with break-neck speed. Search engines are continually launching updates, link building techniques are evolving, and on-page SEO is becoming increasingly complex. Staying abreast of this rapidly changing landscape requires ongoing investment. Because of our size, we can afford to invest heavily in ongoing research and study to ensure that our SEO service is always best in class. Our culture is very much one of lifelong learning so if you choose DPFOC as your SEO provider, you can rest assured that the leading SEO best practices are being brought to bear on your campaign.
Results Driven:
Because our contracts are monthly revolving, in theory, every single one of our clients could cancel their SEO service contract with us at the end of the month and we would be out of business. This structure means our goals and the goals of our clients are perfectly aligned i.e. we need to deliver a world class SEO service that delivers results or we are literally out of business!

If you are looking for an SEO company that can deliver results for your company, give us a call and let's talk!

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