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Welcome to the PPC Services Section of our Website

PPC stands for pay per click and as the name suggests, it is any form of advertising in which you pay for each click on your advert. PPC advertising can typically be broken down into two categories: Paid Search and Paid Display.

Paid Search:

Paid search is when you pay Google, Yahoo or Bing to display your advert at the top or right hand side of search results when a user searches for one of your chosen keywords. An ever increasing number of companies are relying on PPC advertising to win new business online. This has led to ever increasing costs per click being charged by the search engines. When paying high click costs, you really do need the account managed by a PPC advertising company that you can trust.

Paid Display:

Paid display advertising is when you pay a website like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc to display your advert to a target group of users. You only pay if the user clicks on your advert.

What Makes our PPC Advertising Service Different?

PPC consultancy is offered by many PPC advertising companies but we think DPFOC's approach is different.

• We do not charge a percentage of spend:

Amazingly, the industry norm is to charge a percentage of the overall spend on PPC advertising for PPC advertising services. This means that the PPC advertising company has an incentive to spend more money regardless of its efficacy. At DPFOC, we charge a flat monthly fee for our PPC consultancy. Our goals and your goals are one and the same i.e. generate as many sales as possible for the lowest spend.

• Tracking:

Successful PPC advertising can only happen when rigorous tracking procedures are in place. We track the source of every sale and lead down to the keyword / publisher website level so that we know the keywords / publisher sites that are working (and so we scale them up) and the ones that are not (and so we eliminate them).

If you want to learn more about our PPC advertising service, let's talk!

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