Mobile Optimized Website – Are You Ready?

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For years now, we have heard talk of the importance of having a mobile optimized website. In turn, companies have been slowly getting to grips with the fact that the majority of their web traffic may now be coming from non-desktop devices. To check how much mobile traffic your site is getting and what the most popular devices used to browse your site are, see this video:

However, some companies still have no mobile offering ie their website was built for desktops and now is a fish out of water when viewed on mobile. To this point, the only problem with this was that your conversion rates for mobile traffic would be lower than they should be due to providing a poor user experience. However, from April 21st, if you don’t have a mobile optimized website, you can expect a significant deterioration in your organic ranks on Google. While Google very rarely issues any definitive SEO advice (it’s generally vague and cryptic), in this post, they have said categorically that sites that are not mobile optimized are going to suffer from April 21st. To check if your site is optimized, check out this video:

The good news is that this gives you over a month to get your website mobile ready. If you do, you can expect an increase in ranks as you jump above those who are still serving desktop websites to mobile visitors on April 22nd. If you want us to help, be sure to contact us and we promise to have your responsive, mobile optimized website live before the April 21st algorithm update!