The Online Retail Ecosystem

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The Internet has transformed various industries (hotels, insurance, travel) and created several others (apps, VOIP, cloud computing etc.). One industry on which the Internet has had a revolutionary impact is retail.
Pre-Internet, retail consisted of bricks and mortar establishments serving the surrounding population. Those living in rural areas had to make do with relatively limited offerings of products from small, local shops. The advent of online retail however has changed the retail landscape beyond recognition. Now, customers virtually anywhere in the world with an Internet connection have an almost endless array of products available to them at the click of a mouse, often with next day delivery. Businesses and consumers alike have embraced online retail, with estimates suggesting that global online retail in B2C alone is now worth in the region of one trillion Dollars , and is growing annually.

However, those businesses looking to sell online are faced with a seemingly infinite array of channels and advertising options. With many advertising solutions online adhering to a cost per click model, the possibility of substantial losses are omnipresent.

In this infographic we have sought to convey the scale and complexity of the online retail ecosystem. We have demonstrated the interaction of banks, websites, payment gateways, third- party platforms like Amazon and eBay, advertising networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google’s Display network and much more.